Consultancy Service

Consultancy services provided by PT. Warekon Geoperta Utama Sejati are carried out in various disciplines.
  1. Surveys; Land Survey; Preliminary Survey, Reconnaissance Survey, Estate Lay-Out Design Aerial Photography, Geographic Information System, Global Positioning System (GPS) Terrestrial surveying, Using high Resolution Satellite Imagery service for Mapping / Cartography (QuickBird).
  2. Plantation Advisory Service; Provide estate operation audits for higher productivity and efficiency including due diligence on plantation management.
  3. Agronomic Services; Undertake advisory visits for fertilizer recommendations and best agronomic practices for higher yield including foliar sampling analysis.
  4. Plantation Project Appraisal; Legal due diligence, Technical Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Social and Environmental Due diligence.
  5. Feasibility Studies For Plantation Development; Evaluates project viability and profitability.
  6. Water Management System; Water Management System on Peat Soil Development.
  7. Processing and Engineering; Design, Construction and Advisory of Palm Oil Mills, Design of Effluent treatment systems on the utilization of Solid and Liquid Waste.
  8. Environmental Impact Assessment; Undertake to provide Environmental Impact Assessment studies of development projects.

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